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Deer Grove West, Palatine, Illinois

Deer_Grove_East During the Mid 70’s and Early 80’s this location was in its’ prime.  It was even a shot in the 1980 movie “Ordinary People” a fall scene over the bridge.  Such a beautiful spot.  I have not been there for a while and I am almost sad I went back.  The place is devastated.  As noted by this link you will see why the area needs a massive amount of re-foresteration.  


There is a volunteer group working on this and they are to be commended.  There link is here http://deergrove.freehostia.com/  I still hope to photograph the area.  I want to document as much of this as possible.  Especially the part of what happens when things go wrong.  These are sacred lands and left to decay there will be nothing for our grandchildren to see.  Maybe in my lifetime it will return to its’ great majesty.  This is only the first photograph as I begin this project during the coming months. 

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