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Goebbert’s Farm


What a wonderful tradition.  Goebberts’ Farm is just an enduring place.  I took this with a Panasonic DMC FX07.  The coloring for me was perfect and it reminded me of looking for pumpkins year after year until the perfect pumpkin is found.  Round enough to carve, big enough to make a good face and heavy enough so we can still carry it.  I am a little worried, development after development has surrounded Goebbert’s, and who would blame them if they got enough money to move out of South Barrington.  They do have another location in Hampshire and maybe the financial crisis of today will slow down the annihilation of such great traditions.     We will go to Goebbert’s again before Halloween we need the carving pumpkins.  I hope the grandchildren I take will be able to do the same thing.     BTW it cost nothing to get in and nothing to park.


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