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View From My Window

Rear Window Taken from my apartment window when I lived in Franklin MA.  Although the trees have a certain starkness, I felt a certain warmth as if I belonged to the forest I lived in.  I used my Nikon 8008s for this shot.  The lens was a a zoom set at 35mm.  The scene only lasted a few weeks  and then it was gone.  Every morning when I got up I looked out that window and I paused to see what I was feeling and how things were going.  Of al the places I have lived I believe I liked that one the best.  Life there was very centered and relaxing.  It was only a townhouse but a very large and elegant one.  My bedroom had a wood burning stove in it for warmth.  It was very cool, and if I was going to stay there I was going to convert it to a Harmon pellet stove like the one we used in another house.  It is so clean and warm, much better than the oil or gas heaters around. 

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