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January Clear Winter Days


These are the cold bare days of winter.  I love them, the colors are perfect and the air crystal clear.  I can see better definition during these days.  Once you look through natures camouflage and become one with it you can see things not normally seen.  How well does God do?  It is perfect and quiet.  It is a privilege to be able to see this.  To many, it is just weeds and snow.  Look and see what you can see.  BTW this is one of my first photos with my Leica DLUX 4.  What a great camera.


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Path to walk for lunch

This is Deer Grove East, which is in much better condition that the west side.  20080513_jprphotos_0159 I love the trees as they line the walk, I would rather the walk not be there as I prefer the walk to be natural but is is and I took this shot trying to capture the summer smell of the trees.  The heat that radiates from them makes my skin itchy but I like it because it make me feel alive.  At the very end of the road there is one tree with white blossoms on it.  I thought it would make a great ending to the trail shot.  It looked good in person but the effect failed on film or memory card.  Still I can feel summer as I did as a child.  I used to play in the forests around my home.  I was never a runner but a good walker.  I preferred my bike to walking and still do but I need to walk more and since I sold my jeep there is not much chance of carting bikes around.  I bought the jeep to travel around but never did.  When I lived in Mass it was great to use on 495 during the winter, but I only took it to the Cape on weekends and the idea of loading it up and moving on just never occurred except when I moved back to the Midwest.  I know my photography would get better if I would bring my tripod to take some of these shots.  Also this was taken with my Panasonic DMC-FX07.  I own several high end cameras but take this one along just in case.  It would still improve if I would use a tripod.  Well now that I have said that I will put it in the car. 

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Deer Grove West, Palatine, Illinois

Deer_Grove_East During the Mid 70’s and Early 80’s this location was in its’ prime.  It was even a shot in the 1980 movie “Ordinary People” a fall scene over the bridge.  Such a beautiful spot.  I have not been there for a while and I am almost sad I went back.  The place is devastated.  As noted by this link you will see why the area needs a massive amount of re-foresteration.  


There is a volunteer group working on this and they are to be commended.  There link is here http://deergrove.freehostia.com/  I still hope to photograph the area.  I want to document as much of this as possible.  Especially the part of what happens when things go wrong.  These are sacred lands and left to decay there will be nothing for our grandchildren to see.  Maybe in my lifetime it will return to its’ great majesty.  This is only the first photograph as I begin this project during the coming months. 

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