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Deer Grove East

My new project is in Palatine.  After a year in Burnidge Woods in Elgin, I am moving on to someplace different.  This is the very first shot.  You must look very closely.  I was walking along and something caught my eye.  I looked around and could not find it at first and thenBird in a Tree I saw it square on.   It was looking me right in the eyes deifying me to find it.   I saw it and he knew it but he was a perfect match to the surroundings.  I have never seen nature blend an animal so perfectly into the background of life,  I was Ill this day but the sight of this made me perk up and by the time I was done photographing I had completely forgot that I was sick.  I felt better and the clean air just worked my mind.  The bird made me think of how most of us are; just insignificant in the things around us.  We think we are something; but in fact we just blend in.  After death how long does it take for everyone who knew us to die and our artifacts to decay.  Then who says our name.  Very few people have the luxury of having their names remembered or even mentioned past 20 years or so.  Now of course we can save electronic files and they can be viewed at some point in time.  Someone has to know they are there and request them. 

The bird was taken with my little “walking camera” a DMC FX07 Panasonic 1/200 at F5.3.  I bought it just for this occasion.  Small lightweight and a powerful Leica lens.  It does not do everything but it is one heck of a camera.  I love that camera.  I can not seem to keep my hands off of cameras in general.  


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