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A Hint of Color Never Hurts now and Then


It is always a rule to carry a camera at all times no matter how inconvenient it is.  Not a stunning place, but one that will bring back fond memories for me.  The entire family out for a walk and not really being aware of our surroundings this wonderful sunset comes along.  As I looked up I notice that several photographers has gathered to take the shot. I shuttered that I did not have a camera and then I remembered my Leica DLUX 4.  I had it ready to shoot and using the program mode I was able to capture this shot.  It capped off a perfect afternoon.  No stress, or mess, just fun and time.   


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What happened here?

Street-SnowOur house when the snow came.  Just keeping up with the snow was a major issue.  I heard that this was the most snow we had since 1978.  Hard to believe but more is on its way this evening.  I did this photo without a tripod using my Nikon D70s.  My Nikon Page  Just a quick shot to remember.  I like looking at those web pages that show the old days and big snows.  So maybe these will be one on those pages people can look at in the future. 

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