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A Hint of Color Never Hurts now and Then


It is always a rule to carry a camera at all times no matter how inconvenient it is.  Not a stunning place, but one that will bring back fond memories for me.  The entire family out for a walk and not really being aware of our surroundings this wonderful sunset comes along.  As I looked up I notice that several photographers has gathered to take the shot. I shuttered that I did not have a camera and then I remembered my Leica DLUX 4.  I had it ready to shoot and using the program mode I was able to capture this shot.  It capped off a perfect afternoon.  No stress, or mess, just fun and time.   


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January Clear Winter Days


These are the cold bare days of winter.  I love them, the colors are perfect and the air crystal clear.  I can see better definition during these days.  Once you look through natures camouflage and become one with it you can see things not normally seen.  How well does God do?  It is perfect and quiet.  It is a privilege to be able to see this.  To many, it is just weeds and snow.  Look and see what you can see.  BTW this is one of my first photos with my Leica DLUX 4.  What a great camera.

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Burnidge Paul Wolff Elgin, Illinois

Burnham Woods Snow 024

The last of the winter scenes for now.  I have been so busy that I have not had time to keep up.  This was taken at a time when the Midwest was to be in spring and yet the snow raged on.  The track in the snow are unknown to me whether by animal or person.  Burnidge is a place where both live peacefully side by side.  I have included this link so you can learn more about the place.  It is out there alone but surrounded by many homes on two side and to the North more homes and yet when there you are alone, well almost alone, the eyes of the birds and deer are forever watching and communicating about you with each other.  Take a look as we move into the end of spring and then to the warm months of summer, my least favorite season of the year.

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Burnham Woods Elgin, Illinois

Burnham Woods Fall 2007 008 One of my favorite places in the world.  It is a small wonder but its peace and quiet is beyond all.   I have finally captured all of the seasons there and I am still working on Winter and fog.  Fog was almost done.  I went there on the foggiest of days but a sin occurred.  I did not bring a camera and so I missed the greatest shots.  I will continue to stalk there and of course the lesson learned again I will bring the camera.   I have a small one but I can only go there during my lunch hour before it gets dark during the winter so sometimes it is too much to bring it along.  I use a DMC  07 for my pocket camera and the photos are spectacular for such a small piece.  I do use a heavy tripod when I bring it along.  I had a small Velbron but it seems as though that is just to flimsy.  So I use the big one. 

I can not describe the peace it brings over me and when I am setting up shots I get so involved the afternoon is gone and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  There will certainly be more shot of this place.  I thought I saw a crane there once so you know I will be on the constant look out for it.

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What happened here?

Street-SnowOur house when the snow came.  Just keeping up with the snow was a major issue.  I heard that this was the most snow we had since 1978.  Hard to believe but more is on its way this evening.  I did this photo without a tripod using my Nikon D70s.  My Nikon Page  Just a quick shot to remember.  I like looking at those web pages that show the old days and big snows.  So maybe these will be one on those pages people can look at in the future. 

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Camp Big Timber, Elgin, Illinois

P1000939 This is the edge of Camp Big Timber.  I have not seen it since I was a boy in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  It is a Boy Scout camp.  I camped there with our troop.  We went in late fall to get in one last over niter.  When we got there we started to pitch the canvas tents but the scoutmasters stopped us.  They told us that we were going to stay in the lodge this time.  In a way I was disappointed and in another way I was happy as it was starting to get real cold.  We filled the lodge with firewood and went outside to get fresh air but mostly stayed in when it got a little later.  There was plenty to do with stories and a class on knot tying. 

A bunch of us wanted to get out and talk a walk, even though the cold was getting a little bitter.  For a few of us it would be the last time we went camping and we knew it would soon be over.  We were getting older and the time was fast approaching when we would get jobs and cars.  We would soon be teenagers and wanted to spread our wings a little.  Our walk took us to the creek by the railroad tracks where in the summer the The Song of Hiawatha pageant was preformed by authentic players who spent a good deal of their time making real costumes from the period.  After all we were in Indian country.  I had never seen the pageant as tickets were very costly and I could not afford to go.  I heard from the guys who went that it was a spectacular show.  Later on in life I would meet a couple of the players one would be the brother of one of my good friends.  The pageant ended around 1979 the best I remember.

The trees in the photo remind me of the next day when we woke up in the lodge and walked outside to the most beautiful winter wonderland I have ever seen.  The snow was deep all around us and the scout masters were worried about how we would be getting out.  The word was that we would not be staying another night as we had planned.  We walked around, played in the snow laughing with our cheeks turning red, while waiting for the scout masters to make up their mind.  It was decided we would be leaving.  Dejectedly we loaded the cars and all of us participated in the pushing them up the hill so they could get out.  Camp Big Timber a great place from another time. 

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