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A Lake in the beginning of Spring



To get out and walk around after a day in the house.  Sometimes I just have to take the photo to get it out of my system.  The fresh air is great and the coldness of a beginning spring is great for my lungs.  This spring does not seem to be bringing too much newness just a little darkness almost like fall.  


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The Last Moments of Fall

jprphotos_WIfall It is the last moments of fall.  Autumn came and is almost gone.  The crisp air is almost the strong winter wind that takes our breath away.  The calm and quiet of fall is giving way to the lonely and desolate days of winter.  The sky is colder looking, the ground is harder and the grass is dying.  Leaves left on the ground lie in wait to deaden the grass underneath.  It is not the end, instead the continuation of a life cycle that continues on whether we are hear to see it or not. 

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View From My Window

Rear Window Taken from my apartment window when I lived in Franklin MA.  Although the trees have a certain starkness, I felt a certain warmth as if I belonged to the forest I lived in.  I used my Nikon 8008s for this shot.  The lens was a a zoom set at 35mm.  The scene only lasted a few weeks  and then it was gone.  Every morning when I got up I looked out that window and I paused to see what I was feeling and how things were going.  Of al the places I have lived I believe I liked that one the best.  Life there was very centered and relaxing.  It was only a townhouse but a very large and elegant one.  My bedroom had a wood burning stove in it for warmth.  It was very cool, and if I was going to stay there I was going to convert it to a Harmon pellet stove like the one we used in another house.  It is so clean and warm, much better than the oil or gas heaters around. 

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Autumn and a Road to Nowhere

Hop Road copy Taken with my Nikon 8008s in Hopkinton, MA.  It is literally a road that goes nowhere which is very common in MA.  I took about twelve photos this day but this was the one I liked the most.  It reminds me of where I am in life and lets me understand that there is precious time to do the things I want to do.  I worked for a very large company during this time and how fortunate I was to have many personal days to do just what I wanted.  Of course, that was the whole purpose.  I never minded going back to work.  If I had stayed in MA.  I would have worked for Bose forever.  What a great company and what a great product.

Since I have been back to Illinois I have not found the same color in the trees.  I think it is something in the air there.

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Fox River Lighthouse

jprphotos_jgardens This white octagonal lighthouse sits  on the shore of the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois.  It was built by the Fabyan’s on their riverside estate approximately, 1905.  The Fox river today does not see any commercial traffic, just recreational vehicles and land tourists.  The light was built in defiance of what the state considered navigatable waters.  One could only imagine giant ships bringing goods up and down the river from town to town.  The Fox River Valley.

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Tekakwitha Woods

jprphotos_Fox_River_Bend A January day and a walk down by the Fox River.  I experienced this path of quiet architecture just walking along taking a route most others do not take.  Thank goodness for my boots.  Tekakwitha Woods is a recreational area in the Fox Valley.  Tekakwitha Woods is located north of St. Charles off Route 25 Their address is 35WO76 Villa Marie Road.  It was a little cold and a little damp and very interesting.  I did eventually cross the Fox River to the picnic area which eventually leads to a rail station from the train museum.  The shoreline is healthy and many sections protected and kept up by Friends of the Fox River.  I can only recommend you send a donation or become a member. 

Map image

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A Tree from Youth

This tree has been around as long as I can remember.  It was there when I was younger and it is still there now that I am older.  It does look like it is going to fall into the Fox river and it has looked that way fro quite some time.   river-tree This used to be a quiet place to think and swim and fish on those hot summer afternoons.  Today someone has found my tree and made it a park with port a potties and paved roads to get there.  The only way I knew to get there was to go by train trestle.  There were three of us and we could not take our bikes because they would just be in the way.  The trains rarely came but the path was so rough you would just wind up walking the bikes to where we were going.  To the tree, to the place of summer refuge. 

To the left of the tree where you can not see was a meadow.  It was a great place to make a fire and cook the fish we caught.  Well I always wanted to cook the fish but I hate fish.  It was the camaraderie that I liked.  Our shared secrets and personal stories.  We all came from poor and large Catholic families so the issues were always the same.  Food and privacy were scare and this was just a little piece of heaven for us.

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