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Pumpkins for Everyone

The dreaded pumpkins are back.  It is not that I don’t like them, I do.  I also like pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte from StarbucksGreen Pumpkins20081014.  I love fall and everything it offers.  Now of course , is when the jackets are worn full time outside and there is no getting by in the middle of the day.  The pumpkins mean Halloween is on it’s way and I find that dreadful.  It ruins the fall for me as it is a day I do not like.  As a child I never liked it and I did not see a purpose to it.  There was nothing loving about it and all that really happened is damage with soap bars and things that got broken.   I did my time getting dressed up and walking the neighborhoods, but I found it much more agreeable to just sit back and watch.  I was Zorro one year and another a cowboy, but as I got older it became a ghost or just simple things and all was lost for me.  I did not mind taking my siblings around and being the big brother.  I just did not want to do it. 

I carve pumpkins now because the Grandkids like it and it is enjoyment.  To see their faces at what they drew or carved, it worth every minute.  I guess the real reason is that it signals the end of my special time.  The cold becomes more biting and not as friendly.  I will hang on to fall a little longer and try to smile when someone says treat or treat. 


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The Edge of Rain

jprphotos_morning_fall The morning before work I looked out the window an noticed an absence of the sun.  The rain was almost there as a drop fell here or there.  I walked outside.  There will be very few days left that the children will play on the swings and slides.  The colder air and the snow will prevail. 

This is a quiet moment to just look around and enjoy what God has given us.  The trees and their colors, a shed in the back yard to keep the tools to keep the yard and of course the slide and swings for the Grandkids. 

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The Backyard Trees

The trees in the backyard are as old as can be and every year they do not disappoint.  They bring The trees in the back yardyou back to a time and a place when you are young and the cool air of the season makes everything a little smaller and a little friendlier.  When i was younger we moved all of the time so much so that we children (all seven of us) never really owned anything but what we wore.   Now I love the idea that I am not moving.  I can see the same things and find tradition in what I see.  The is a stability, just like the trees.  Many times I wish I could live in a small town and to have done the things that small town people do.   Their life seems so perfect and although surely they must know every thing their neighbors do.  I think that is OK they are then more able to accept anomalies in others lives.  I am sure the people who live there do not look at things the same way I do.  As we all know the grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence.   Tonight I can smell wood burning from someones fireplace as it wafts into my room.  It reminds me of a separate life when I lived in New England.  There is one smell I miss and it has been outlawed by all the people who know better, the leaves burning in the curb.


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The Beginning of Fall

Tree in Driveway

It takes many years for a tree to grow to any kind of height.  People walk past it and ignore it until it has the ability to become a beauty.  An autumn surprise.  Animals know it is there, they are more in tune, the squirrels run up and down looking for food and a place to stay.  This tree really has no use.  It is just there you can walk to it to get a little shade and you can study it if you have time, but for the most part, it just blends into life.  It takes a red or two to make it important to people.  It takes one of God’s seasons to make it better than ever.  If you look close you can see people, generations of people walking down the road.  Some of them holding hands and in love, others running from and to somewhere.  The tree knows them.  It sees them everyday.  A Sunday spent in great joy.

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Red and Nature

delnor 017 Can you see the Red?  Does it get your attention and make you wonder what is going on?  Delnor Park in St Charles is an unbelievable place to see all of this in great peacefulness.  I know photographers who have made red their entire career.  I have not chased the color, just saw it and thought it was a a worthwhile endeavor to to capture it.  I really would like and have chased Cardinals.  That is a photo I would like for my collections. 

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Goebbert’s Farm


What a wonderful tradition.  Goebberts’ Farm is just an enduring place.  I took this with a Panasonic DMC FX07.  The coloring for me was perfect and it reminded me of looking for pumpkins year after year until the perfect pumpkin is found.  Round enough to carve, big enough to make a good face and heavy enough so we can still carry it.  I am a little worried, development after development has surrounded Goebbert’s, and who would blame them if they got enough money to move out of South Barrington.  They do have another location in Hampshire and maybe the financial crisis of today will slow down the annihilation of such great traditions.     We will go to Goebbert’s again before Halloween we need the carving pumpkins.  I hope the grandchildren I take will be able to do the same thing.     BTW it cost nothing to get in and nothing to park.

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